Welcome to your shiny new Wordpress powered website!

Let's get cracking huh?

Now if you're a Wordpress guru, you probably don't need us telling you what to do, so off you go...

If you're new to Wordpress or websites in general, please read on. We'll try not to nerd it up too much :)

If you registered your domain name with us

You may need to wait 24-72 hours for the domain name registration and DNS updates to take place. These time frames are out of our control and rely on the internet robots to do their thing.

Once complete, your website will be available for use. You can check this by clicking here.

If you registered your domain name elsewhere

If your domain name is registered elsewhere you'll need to check the email we sent you for your new NS records. If you need help with this step, contact your domain registrar or click here to open support ticket with us and we'll give you a hand.

Where to go from here

View your home page

Login to the admin area

Remember, if these links don't work, DNS has not yet resolved. Relax and check back a bit later :)

And finally...

Once DNS has resolved go ahead and login to your admin area and disable this theme. Your website will then be live.

We're always happy to offer support and there's a heap of great information over at the Wordpress Codex.

Happy Blogging!

Regards, The Wordpress Hosting Team